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Kehoe Farm Events Rental Items Pricing


Tables, Lifetime 60-inch rounds:                     $8.00/ea.

Chairs, Lifetime white:                                       $5.00/ea.


Rectangle tables 6 or 8 ft.:                                $8.00/ea.                    


White plates:                     $0.50/ea.

Flatware:                              0.35/ea.    

Water goblets:                    0.50/ea.


Wood slices:    

Thick slices                                                            $0.25/ea.

Thin slices                                                               0.25/ea.

Extra large wood slices - cake size                    $1.00/ea.


White chair covers                                               $1.00/ea.

White chair covers, ironed                                 $2.00/ea.

White chair covers, ironed put on chairs        $3.00/ea.


White 90-in. rnd. tablecloths, ironed              $10.00/ea.

White 90 x 132 rect. tablecloths, ironed:        $17.00/ea.

White 90 X 156 rect. tablecloths, ironed:       $19.00/ea.


Barrel bar:                                    $40.00/event

White Wedding Barrels:            $25.00 each/event

Wooden top piece :                     $20.00/event

Rustic brown barrels:                $20.00 each/event


Wedding arch (Traditional):   $40.00/event

Wooden pedestal:                      $10.00/event


Pallets “Find Your Seat”

White or brown                         $15.00 each/event


Pole Tent:  

40 x 40                    Call for quote

40 x 60                    Call for quote

Sidewalls:                    $35.00/ea

10 x 10 tent:                 $50.00/day


M-Professional 8-burner 

2 LP-tank gas grill:                $50.00/day


Generator 7800-watt, propane:        $90.00/day

NEW: Two-stall luxury restroom trailer- AC/heat/sinks/music: Call for quote.


*Tent rentals:  We will come out to evaluate your site for installation and 

lay out your tent's dimensions.  This allows you to see the location that works

best for you.  We will also mark the stake locations so that utilities can be 

checked before the tent is installed.

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