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 Rustic Farm Venue


There isn't one thing I would change about the venue or the staff.  The venue is the perfect rustic wedding venue or party venue" - Samantha Ashley


We understand that your wedding is the most important event you will ever plan.  We are here to help yout make

your dreams come true. - Rose and Michael Grech


Kehoe Farm Rustic Farm Venue

Kehoe Farm is located on 20 acres outside the quaint Village of Clinton, just minutes southwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We offer a relaxed atmosphere that is country, without being too far for your guests to travel.  

Barn Facts

The gambrel-roofed dairy barn was built in 1938, after the original was lost in a fire. The overall footprint of the barn measures 127'-8" by 36'.  All wood samples taken show the barn is framed in American Elm.  Inside the barn are original ropes, pulleys, wood ladders, hay hook, hay chute, and stanchions.    


Our Story

Approximately 20 years ago, Kehoe farm did not look like it does today.


  • 15 of the 18 barn windows were broken or missing.

  • Several barn roof panels were loose or missing

  • The second floor wood floor had holes.

  • Half of the exterior doors were nailed shut or would not open.

  • Large patches of paint were missing on the house, corncrib, chicken coop, and barn.

  • The farmhouse roof was leaking

  • All the windows on the garage were held together with duct tape.

  • The house, garage, and barn were all painted different colors.

  • Rotted blankets, hay and animal dung littered the floors of the barns.

When the single man married the love of his life, she took it upon herself to rejuvenate the Kehoe Farm back to the beautiful farm it once was.  This process took almost 20 years.

During that time we have hosted birthday parties, Halloween parties,  Fourth of July parties, and family reunions.  With the urging of family and friends, we decided to open our home to couples seeking a unique rustic farm wedding venue.  

Did you know? Your event helps preserve Kehoe Farm for generations to come!  The income from weddings and events goes directly to the upkeep and maintenance of Kehoe Farm grounds, barn, and outbuildings.  It also pays the high school and college students who work our parties.  We do not take a salary.  




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