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What Are Your Wedding Day Must-Haves?

When I give a tour of our venue, I often ask couples, “What are your must-haves for your wedding day?” Meaning, what experiences or features must your wedding day have that you have your heart set on? What, or who, must be a part of wedding/reception to make your day amazing?

Many times, the response is blank stares. Or, “We aren’t really sure. We just know we like the rustic, outdoor feel of a barn wedding.” That’s a great start! I understand that you are just starting out on your wedding planning journey. Few couples have their wedding day planned to a T at this stage of the game.

As we do our walk around, I’m asked what other couples have done. Where have they put the food, the bar, and the DJ? Where on the grounds do people get married? This is great! I know they ask this so they can get a visual of where they might like things situated on their special day. I enjoy encouraging couples to get creative. “What is your vision?” And, I often joke (sort of) about not burning down the barn.

Your wedding day should reflect you as a couple - your personality, your style. This is not your mother, aunt, or sister’s chance to relive their wedding day. This is YOUR DAY. Visualize what you want your guests to see, feel, and experience.

Do you want chandeliers hanging from the big doors? Or do you want the doors elegantly draped?

Do you want an enormous table of desserts? A donut wall? A bouncy house?

Do you want to be married in a field of wild flowers under an arch your father made? This is YOUR DAY.

My advice: As much as I LOVE Pinterest, don’t try to do too much. Pick three or four things that you, as a couple, must have. Focus your energies on making those things amazing. Don’t stress about the rest.

We decorate Kehoe Farm very minimally so that you can add to it to create your vision of your special day. Make it your own!

(See our website FAQ for items and methods of affixing that are discouraged for safety reasons or to protect the historic structure.)

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