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Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Really Appreciate

Wondering what to give as favors to your guests? Wondering if favors are worth the added expense? Here are some awesome favors that your guests won’t leave behind!

At Kehoe Farm Events, we’ve cleaned up after quite a few wedding receptions. We know which favors are enjoyed by guests and which are left behind to be returned our couples.

Here is the secret: Anything your guests can nibble on while they are at your reception or munch if they get hungry on the way home is much appreciated. (Note: Consider the likely temperature on your wedding day. Frosted items and chocolate tend to melt in the Summer months.)

After consulting your budget, consider gifting the following items pre-packaged and labeled with cute and corny sayings, the couple’s names and the wedding date:

*Candy in a clear, silk, or burlap pouch - Yes, everyone loves candy!

*Nuts. Exception: Jordan almonds - Traditional and pretty, these almonds are coated in rock hard candy. Please do not be the cause of Aunt Betty’s broken tooth!



*Popcorn bags - Keep it one flavor or mix two flavors together: Cheese + caramel!

*Prepackaged individual pies or cakes with fork attached

- If you like, these can serve as their dessert for the evening!

*A small potted flower/plant - Spring/Summer wedding - YES!

*Packets of seeds - Cute! But are they getting planted in the ground or tossed in a drawer?

*Small jar of honey

*Your homemade jam or pickles

*Your special BBQ sauce

*Keepsake mug or cup for the evening - before COVID, I would have said, YES! Fewer cups being thrown in the trash! But now? The bartender's policy may be to only give out fresh cups with each drink. And, what if you accidentally drink from the wrong mug?

You could preprint the mugs with the guests’ names and table numbers to be used as placards. (Note: Many guests have left their personalized mugs behind not knowing it was theirs to keep despite signage.)

Favors or no favors? Ultimately, this is YOUR wedding and you get to decide!

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