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Stay Gorgeous & Warm! Your Spring Rustic Barn Wedding

The search is over! You found THE DRESS. You must have that strapless gown with the empire waist. It is gorgeous! You look gorgeous in it! I understand, completely. If is warm out, you will be fine. But it may be 50 degrees or cooler when the sun goes down. And that’s chilly! To stay warm, you will need something to cover your shoulders - without completly covering your gorgeous gown. Never fear! You can wear something that compliments your gown and/or expresses who you are.

A very feminine look can be achieved with a faux fur jacket or wrap.

Toss on a denim jacket for a sweet country girl look. Your bridesmaids and flower girl can wear the same type jacket, too.

A leather jacket reflects your bad-ass side.

Satin varsity jackets with your name on the back! Think Pink Ladies from Grease! – am I dating myself?

You can’t lose with sweaters, boleros, or shawls that reflect your wedding colors.

As the bride, you will stand out in a white or cream jacket that contrasts from the black, brown leather, or blue denim worn by your wedding party. You can personalize your denim and leather jackets by embroidering or ironing-on the bridesmaids’ names on the back of their jackets. For the bride: Bride, Mrs. Smith, or Just Married.

Spring weddings in Michigan can be so beautiful and they can also be cold, wet, and rainy. Photographers like overcast days. So, don’t let the weather rain on your parade – get some cute rain boots or cowboy boots to wear for outdoor photos! Boots are a cute prop for some unique photo ops for the couple and the wedding party. Bring a white or clear umbrella for a cozy couple too!

Ways to Keep Your Guests Warm at Your Spring Rustic Barn Wedding

1. Offer shawls or fleece blankets rolled up neatly in a basket.

2. Feature a coffee, hot cider, or hot chocolate bar with all the fixings.

3. Provide mittens/gloves or disposable hand warmers.

4. Warm up at the bonfire while making s’mores. (If not raining)

5. If it rains, bring extra umbrellas. (Kehoe Farm Events keeps some on hand.)


1. Google the weather history for your venue’s area from the last couple years to better your odds of picking a good weather day.

2. Watch the weather reports leading up to your wedding day.

3. Don't worry. You are prepared!

(Rose and her husband Michael own Kehoe Farm Events, a rustic barn venue in Clinton, MI 49236)

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