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Add "Just Us" Time to Your Wedding Day

It is finally here! The day you and your partner have been planning for months!

The fact is, the day you planned for so painstakingly for months will be over in just a matter of hours. It really will feel like a blink of an eye.

Make time to sit back with your new spouse to enjoy the moment before it is gone. To make that happen, more and more cou

ples are scheduling “us time” into their wedding timelines.

Here’s how to do it: Schedule one or all of the ideas below into your wedding timeline. You won’t regret it!

  1. The First Look - done before the ceremony and group photos. Yes, you WILL want the photographer there to capture the moment. Once you see each other, the photographer will seem to fade into the background. After a few photos, you can ask to be alone to revel in the moment together. The First Look is also a great time to exchange love letters with each other!

2. Secret Snack Time - You MUST EAT. Arrange to steal away together to grab a snack and water out of sight. Do this before dinner starts. You still have a grand entrance, speeches, cake cutting, and well meant congratulations to get through before you actually get to eat dinner. IF you get to eat your dinner! I cannot tell you how many couples’ barely touched meals are left to get cold and tossed away after the reception.

3 . Sunset Photos - Gorgeous photo ops! This is also a great opportunity to take a casual stroll and just enjoy the sunset together.

4. Last Dance in Private - This is a special moment for you to just be together and bask in your love ALONE! Ask to have your wedding guests and family leave the building (Weather permitting)! While outside, have your day of coordinator or wedding planner pass out bubbles or sparklers to celebrate you as you make your grand exit into your future lives together. (Note: Make sure bubble or sparklers are allowed by the venue!)

Other ways to sneak in time together:

Sit at a sweetheart table

Exchange love letters/small gifts

Exchange secret vows

Greet your guests together

Above all: Drink responsibly! Do enjoy your wedding day with some adult beverages, if you like. Do stay sober enough to make sure you are ‘present’ for your precious Us Time on your wedding day. You will be glad you did!

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